Geoelements is an extreme-scale computational geomechanics research group at UT Austin. Our research focus is developing large-scale computational models to simulate natural hazards.

Getting started

We are strongly committed to providing a positive, supportive research environment. If you have recently started in our lab or would like to join our research team, that’s great! We’re really glad to have you here, and will do what we can to make your time in the research group amazing. We hope you’ll learn a lot about geomechanics, numerical methods and computational sciences, develop new skills (coding, data analysis, writing, giving talks), make new friends, and have a great deal of fun throughout the whole process.

When you join the group, you’re expected to read our wiki on how we conduct our research, our expectations and your responsibilities. You’re also highly encouraged to read it while deciding if you want to join the group in the first place and guidelines on contacting the PI.